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Julius “Ju” Hearn is a sports medicine physician, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and enthusiast. Brought up on the west side of Chicago, Ju Hearn attended Lincoln Park high school on the north side where he fell in love with sports and athletics. From there Ju played college and professional basketball while earning his credentials to become one of the most well respected individuals in Chicago's health and wellness industry.

As the founder and co-owner of several companies, such as 360 Active Recovery (located in the heart of Wicker Park, Chicago) Ju has earned degrees and has a strong background in Kinesiology, Physical Therapy, and Chinese Medicine. Ju has worked with people of all ages, from elementary school kids, weekend warriors, professional athletes, and the disabled; Dr. Ju has become a well known health professional in the city of Chicago as well throughout several professional sports industries helping players rehab and get back in top shape over the last 8+ years.

Dr. Ju Hearn has taken that same drive, passion, and enthusiasm into different industries such as real estate and transportation. “My passion will always be in the health & wellness industry I love helping people live a better life. That was my commitment to GOD when my grandfather died from health conditions to help others. But, I do like to read and learn new things so I’ve picked up a few hobbies over the last few years. I just never want to be dormant. I think the body is meant to move and the brain is meant to be challenged.”


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